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Thread: Direct Fit Double Din LCD Touch Screen for 2003-2007 Honda Accord

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    Direct Fit Double Din LCD Touch Screen for 2003-2007 Honda Accord

    I need this but i can't find. mp3car shop had this part before but not now. I sent a message them and ask it but no reply. Where i can find it?

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    when did you send the message-- it is weekend-- try to give it till the end of monday when they are in the office..

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    I sent 12 days ago

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    Did you use for the email address? Try resending with "urgent" in the title, per the instructions they posted in the Customer Service Pledge.

    To better serve all mp3Car customers in a timely manner, all customer service inquiries should be submitted to Please make sure to provide an order number along with your inquiry (when applicable), otherwise we will be unable to access your order records.

    Should you require an immediate change to your order or feel that your issue requires immediate attention, please also use as the contact email address and title your inquiry as "Urgent" and your ticket will be given priority.

    1. We are committed to timely customer support. We will respond to your customer service inquiries within one business day. Please allow two business days for technical support tickets.

    2. We will do our best to correct mistakes. In the case of a mistake made on our end, we will attempt to go above and beyond to right the situation in an expeditious and respectful manner.

    3. Communication is key. When something out of normal store operations occurs, we will go above and beyond to keep the customer informed about their order, RMA, or service inquiry.
    Kinda looks like they missed #1 by a country mile to me.

    You can also try this:

    No reponse from mp3Car Store in 1 business day?

    1. We respond to all customer order issues within 1 business day, and generally far faster.

    2. So if you have emailed us and not received a response, something has gone wrong and we kindly ask that you try again, or ideally pm jensen2000 your order number and other info.


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    I'll try. Thanks.

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    I'm looking for the exact same thing. I have an 06 Accord. If anyone has any info on this please post here and let me know. Thanks.

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