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Thread: Open frame or not to open frame, that is the question?

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    I would go with the 10" IF it's really as good as the 8" (apparently it is, but you could check with them just in case?). It's going to be in a convertible? Don't you need weather protection? Something like this?

    If this is overkill, you could check the site. Lot's of high brightness (1000nits) displays there, open frame or not, some can be optically bonded ($$$) if you so wish. No money/problems with touchscreen if you don't need it.

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    Hey lets not get crazy with the price, I need to buy 5 of these suckers!! LOL! I think $600-$800 each is topping out for me!

    I'm only slightly concerned about the elements, mostly the sun. Will these suckers overheat in the So. Cal Summer?? That is the big question! I hope not! I can always have a canopy installed like some other vans down here and that shade should do the trick, but I really won't know until I get out there this summer. I prefer no canopy. Being in So. Cal we only get 30 days or less of rain a year so the tours will just be rained out on those days. These topless vans are pretty much everywhere in Hollywood and when they get rained out, they get rained out.

    I am the first however to install monitors in a topless van as I have a unique tour idea.

    Thanks for all the responses everyone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crow331 View Post
    Mickz, did you get yours from I hope so!
    Yes I did and it appears to run very cool.
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    We have a little less pricey option (although still fairly pricey) we just added to our store:

    Inelmatic Industrial Grade 10.4" TFT-LCD Sunlight Readable Touch Screen Monitor XF1000

    Color and brightness are great in almost all lighting conditions. Direct sunlight presents a small amount of glare, although it's not unbearable.
    These monitors are extremely durable and can operate in a -30C to 80C environment for short periods of time and -20C to 60C continuously.
    Unlike a lot of "sunlight readable" monitors, the viewing ange is actually very good. The pictures on the product page show right and left viewing angles.
    We've always been very impressed with Inelmatic's build quality and reliability.
    Have a product you would like to sell on the mp3Car Store? PM me for more information.

    Have a car computer question? Ask me by emailing the store.

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    The one you have is actually almost twice the price, plus it's 4x3 and I need 16x9 but thanks for posting it for comparison

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