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Thread: Experience / Defective Mini Touch 700

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    9 Experience / Defective Mini Touch 700

    *UPDATED* I heard back from Chris from on 4/8. I was concerned they were ignoring my emails. Apparently they had problems with their email system for about a week. Chris will send me a RMA# and I will update on the outcome.

    I purchased a Mini Touch 700 from last month after reading good things about the Mini Touch 700 as well as their customer service. However, my experience with them has not been anything but pleasant.

    Symptom: Cursor becomes "glued" to top left corner of the screen and can only be "unglued" after many repeated hard presses elsewhere on the screen.
    Seems like the same problems seen here:

    Initially, Chris from has been responsive emailed me twice in regards to the problem, suggesting it was due to the way the usb port was brought out of hibernation. I realized it wasn't the case and sent him 5 emails since, none of which he responded to. It has been nearly a week since his last response suggesting usb port problems, and 2 weeks since I emailed for help. Before I emailed asking for him, I tried troubleshooting in numerous ways (plugging into different usb port, reinstalling drivers, using different computer, etc).

    Needless to say, I will not be buying from them any more in the future. Does anybody know how I can fix this problem? I guess I can try to take it up with my credit card company in the meantime.
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    try to loosen the housing. the fact that you need to press very hard elsewhere on the screen to 'release' the cursor indicates that the bezel is too tight on the lcd/touch overlay..

    and to be fair, i think it should take more then one bad experience to justify calling a supplier horrible..

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    The touch screen is being pressed constantly in that corner.

    And before you go making a big mess out of this by contacting your CC bank, try Calling Chris.


    No reason to create a charge back for a 140.00 monitor issue that can be easily remedied.
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    You have to cut me a little slack. As you said I have been very responsive to your emails (most of which I think you would admit were answered in hours of sending them) and I walked you through the trouble shooting process by email. It is true that it has been 96 hours since I responded to your emails, but I had an email filtering problem that I was too busy to notice.
    To answer your question with what is wrong, Soundman and tft are on the right track, it is either to much pressure in the one corner of the screen or a defective touch controller/panel. It is most likely an over tight screw, but I am really surprised my staff didnt pick that up during our QC process if that is the case. We will get a replacement monitor out to you and you already have an email from me in your in box. One of the things we pride ourselves in is customer service. Even if you will never order from us again we want to make sure you are satisfied with the purchase you did make. If there are any other forum members that have not had a positive experience when purchasing from us please let me know. I do care and something will be done to address your concerns. I am a busy man but it is easy to reach me M-F 9a-5p at 215-667-8664, just ask for me, or shoot me an email at [email protected].
    My thanks to Soundman and tft for taking the time to respond to this thread.

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