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Thread: fit-PC2 > fit-VGA > Xenarc 700TSV-B

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    Thumbs up fit-PC2 > fit-VGA > Xenarc 700TSV-B

    I thought I'd share this just in case someone has a similar setup and it's not working out of the box for them.

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    cool. so this driver will only work while using a fitpc2, and xenarc 700tsv-b screen, or will it work for anyone that has the xenarc 700tsv-b?

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    I'd imagine it would only help someone who is using the ftpc2.
    Possibly anyone using a PC with the same video chipset that the fitPC2 uses....
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    The configuration as it is in the linked post is set for the fit-PC2 which uses the Intel US15W SCH chipset. That chipset is linked to the Intel GMA500 graphics accelerator.

    You can change the configuration to a different Intel GMA model and give it a shot. What was most important for me was the Xenarc DTD settings as the ones listed in the Xenarc site FAQ would not work for me.

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