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Thread: Capacitive options for 8.4" Widescreen?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tft_lcd_org View Post
    You could, if you are using the laptop as your car PC.
    Ya, that's the plan, and the screen on it now is broken, so I've already removed the top half of the laptop. I'd be losing the OSD menu with brightness/contrast/etc options, but would have those options through the laptop (just like I do with the existing built in screen) right?

    So, I will have to take a look at the laptop again to check out the cable and connector to see what it would take to extend it. *wonders if the laptop mobo will fit behind the bezel...*

    Quote Originally Posted by tft_lcd_org View Post
    Can't say if it is my bench PC or not, but most likely it is due to the cheap controller.
    I was able to get 1024x600 on my (non-carPC) laptop through the Intel Graphics Properties for the built in 15". I will have to check the Car Laptop to see if I can get the custom res in there. I know on my previous set-up I had to create a custom driver for the processor to do it, and it ended up working. If that's the route I go with, I am going to have to revamp my hAv1c V4 Ride Runner skin to the new resolution.

    Quote Originally Posted by tft_lcd_org View Post
    Not sure, but I would bet there is an off the shelf 8.9" display out there ready for the PCT add on.
    hmm... eh, it would probably be a little more expensive anyways, and if I don't have to get the controller, I can do the whole thing for about $160 or so (with a bezel) which is looking a little better...

    Quote Originally Posted by RipplingHurst View Post
    (OT: what a nice install you got there btw!).
    Thanks! I was actually listed as one of the top three OEM style fabrications by Heather of back in '08 here

    The picture on the page that's now a red X is the one I posted above. Really an honor to be listed in the same category as TurboCad! What a lot of people don't realize is that I removed the analog clock, moved the window switches up, and sculpted the top bevel of the bezel... a lot more work than just gluing the bezel in, slapping some bondo and paint down and calling it a day. After 3 years, it still looks just as good (no cracks or anything since I didn't use any glue/epoxy and the bondo was just to fill pinholes in the ABS cement.)

    Right now the whole system is out of the car, and has been for about a year now, ever since the screen inverter and touch screen went out, followed by the internal power supply on the old laptop. Now I've got a (newer, but not new) laptop and looking to get the screen back up and running.

    It's tough cutting into this bezel to put something else in, but I want capacitive, and I want nothing smaller than what is in there now. It would have been nice to get the same size capacitive screen, but this is a niche hobby, and the only reason there is a touch option for 8.9 is all the MiniPC's and such that use that size. If I do this, I might use the current 8.4" as a 2nd (non-touch) monitor somewhere (maybe passenger visor, overhead console, who knows)

    Thanks for the help tft_lcd_org! I will update this thread after I order the supplies and/or figure out if I can use the existing laptop screen cable...
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    Would it be likely that I can just use the laptop's existing built in LCD controller/inverter and just get the screen and the touch panel? (if it were a matter of just extending the LCD control cable?)
    I don't know how to do when i meet the problem, i think i can try as you said.

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    Capacitive Touch

    If you have an 8.4" LCD and are looking for a capacitive touch screen look for either a Dawar p/n:SCP1_8.5-00001 A or a 3M p/n :17-8921-203. We use both here at work and are nice panels.

    I just reread this post and I don't think that the above listed panels will work as they aren't widescreen.
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