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Thread: VM70 Faults?

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    VM70 Faults?


    I got a VM70 touchscreen from eBay brand new in sealed box in decemeber, about a month ago the monitor started actign strangely, It would intermitently flick to AV2, a couple of weeks later it would allways start on AV2 and id have to select VGA from the menu, Now today the monitor keeps lossing touch capibilities, Ive checked the PC and its not showing up in device manager or under the touchsreen selection program provided with the screen.

    Has anyone heard of this before with VM70 and do you think its likely to be hardware or wiring/software?


    p.s. i have reinstalled the drivers and its still not working.

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    Try hooking it up to another pc if at all possible. If it does the same thing, then you know it is a monitor problem. If it works, you know the problem lies on your pc.

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    My VM70 did the exact same thing. It was working fine until I started using the backup cam on AV2. I think it started when I powered down the monitor with it switched to AV2. Mine touch screen also stopped working. Thankfully, the VM70 uses a piggybacked small board for touch screen control and I was able to aquire a replacement on ebay from vendor njytouch labeled "4 Wire Resistive LCD Touch Screen Panel USB Controller Especially for Digitizer". They also sell an exact replacement for the touch screen itself. I know this because I broke the ribbon on my touch screen when I replaced the USB interface board and had to order a replacement.


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