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Thread: Would DVI work natively when VGA doesn't?

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    Would DVI work natively when VGA doesn't?

    Hi all,

    I once had a single-DIN motorized LCD with a 800 x 480 native resolution and VGA connection, and I couldn't get native resolution no matter what I tried with an Intel 945 or an Nvidia 9300 chipset. Now I have a Mini Touch 700, but I can't get native resolution with an Intel GMA4500 or Intel HD Graphics 2000 chipset (Core i3-2100 integrated GFX).

    (Note: by native resolution I mean a nice, sharp image at 800 x 480 - I could easily get 800 x 480 with tweaking but never without scaling artifacts)

    I know Intel isn't well known for their compatibility with the 800 x 480 resolution, but would getting a DVI monitor like the Lilliput 669GL better my chances at getting a sharp 800 x 480, or am I just doomed?

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    i think your just doomed.

    i have 2 669's, and a 629, and none of them will display 800x480 in windows 7--that is, without going further then the "change screen resolution" screen.

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    Have you managed to get any of those monitors working with a clear 800 x 480, under any circumstances? Every DTD I've tried out has more or less come up with artifacts like so:

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    If you have any, and I mean any DTDs that work then I'd be happy if you could throw them my way so I could try it out on mine.

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