I just recently purchased a capacitive 669GL from mo-co-so to replace a 450-NIT EBY701 in my truck. Originally, I was going to just get a capacitive 701, but it looks like only the 300 NIT versions are being sold with capacitive touch screens. From reading the 669GL sticky, I was under the impression that the panels are the same, so I thought I would be able to get 800x480 without a problem.

My board is a Kontron 986LCD-m with a 945GM graphics chipset (VGA only). Previously, I had been using a modified version of the drivers posted here: http://www.mp3car.com/lcd-display/13...e-800x480.html for Windows 7 with my EBY701. When I attempted to hook up the 669GL to that board, I had a similar issue as this guy: http://www.mp3car.com/lcd-display/14...s-chipset.html

Where the screen would flash the desktop 1-3 times after powering on. Sadly, when it flashed it would show the desktop in 800x480, but it would immediately go black. I have a couple of these boards, and tried one with Windows XP and ran into the same issue with the screen flashing when using the EBY701 timings. I then spent several hours fooling with DTD calculator and trying other custom intel drivers posted around the web. Any time I would get it to detect 800x480, text would like terribly jagged/blocky and/or the screen would be horribly cropped.