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Thread: Multi - Touch Capacitive Touchpanel with HID Controller + "Gesture Controlled Ouputs"

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    off topic, ha ha, I recognize that carpc forum... DIYMA.

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    Quote Originally Posted by customGadz View Post
    We just got one of these when they had about 2 left in stock. Its a really neat touchscreen monitor and definitely handy to have a few around. Its still has a few bugs in the software, but thats expected from a new product and Im sure a new firmware update will fix it up
    I have bought one butoreders are blocked because of power issue detected.
    see here :

    Will I receive such a screen one day?????

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    Quote Originally Posted by customGadz View Post
    If your looking for a capacitive multi-touch without the driver issues, and a bit more functionality.. Look no further.

    For a while I have always wanted to be able to use my touch screen to trigger an action before my PC booted up! ie, enter a "virtual" pin on my screen and have it start my car just like the WRX external keypad. Wanting to keep things simple, there was no way I was going to add a keypad to my dash. Also I didn't want to wait for my PC to startup before I could start my car! I thought I have a touchscreen already here, so why not use that!

    So the only way for this to be possible was to have some "smarts" inside the actual touchscreen controller.

    What is it?
    It's a Multi-touch Capacitive panel with USB controller board that requires no drivers, and has customizable gesture based outputs for PC/PC-less operation.

    It will work on all operating systems without the hassles of trying to get drivers to work with unsupported operating systems. So all you need to do is plug it into your PC and it will "just work".

    Here is a view of the tiny controller board that sits behind a LCD panel.

    This can used as a replacement of your existing resistive touch panel, or to add Capacitive touch to a non-touch LCD.

    Besides operating as just a controller, the board has capability of activating on-board outputs based on specific multi-touch finger gestures as shown below.

    You will be able to assign these multi-touch (2-finger) gestures to activate any of the (8) on board outputs.

    Because these gestures are intercepted by the controller, the outputs can be activated without the need of the PC to be on. So for example, if you enable "keypad security mode" you can get into you car, enter a combination on the touchpanel and have it turn you immobiliser off,start your PC or Car etc.

    For critical gestures that should not be available while the car is running, there are (2) automotive signal inputs available for disabling any critical gestures from working while in motion. An example of this is a boot/hood release.

    Here is the custom cut tempered glass with the capacitive touch panel fixed behind that will give you a perfectly flush panel. The black trim is printed on the reverse side to give you that tablet/ipad look.

    The custom tempered glass panel and capacitive touch panel are crystal clear for increased optical clarity, that will visibly increase the brightness of any resistive touchscreen monitor.

    At the moment only one touch is projected to the PC, two touches get bypassed and are reserved for gesture outputs. Pinch zoom in/out not yet supported though will be implemented in future. (I know its cool to pinch zoom when changing lanes while driving!)

    Current Specifications:
    • 16:9 aspect ratio (Lilliput is 4:3), 88x151mm (active area), 102x168mm (Tempered glass panel)
    • Up to 2 fingers can be simultaneously detected. Up to (5) are possible.
    • Can be USB only, or 12v only powered, or both. So you don't even need an LCD to use the gesture outputs.
    • PC will see the controller as a standard HID input device so there will be no gesture driver conflicts.
    • Right click is supported.
    • Can be used in a non-car environment to increase functionality of other systems.

    The firmware is basically complete and fully functional, for any extra requests or features please comment.

    So were do we buy one and how much does it cost?

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