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Thread: Scam YES/NO ? Kenwood kvt-911 $89

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    I can't believe you guys are even discussing this......IT'S A SCAM....people have been pushing this crap on eBay for a couple of years now. You'll be travelling via teleportation in the future before you'll ever see anything from these pyramid schemes.
    Pyramid schemes have been around for years, but they seem to still fool alot of suckers and they fall for it everytime.

    Mark my words, if these companies are within the USA, they will be shutdown in the future by the Federal Trade Commission.

    Simply a pyramid scheme is where many people pay into a marketing system and only the ones on the top will benefit.
    This is because if you were to get every person on earth to join and pay there fees only the top will get their product and the rest will be left with nothing. That is why most governments have declared these types of marketing tactics as pyramid schemes.

    Just my two nickels........

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    my advice, report them to ebay
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    This is kinda legal... kinda, but still a scam.

    You do not buy the product listed, but an eBook (or other item, usually digital, of no real value). The headunit (or offered item) is a free gift.

    It works this way:

    The current "cycle length" is 29 for the kvt-911. Meaning $89 x 29 = $2581, the gift is paid for. If you are one cycle away and nobody else signs up (or the gift is removed) then you lose. - This is the current full matrix for the kvt-911

    Now take the number of users listed in the maxtrix, times it by cycle. This is the number of people needed until you get you kvt-911.

    BTW: If you signed up now, you would be user 969. So, 969 x 29 = 28,101 more users would need to sign up. (Assuming the current posted matrix is current)

    Good luck

    Edit: If you were 1 - 20 (tops) you have a chance of getting your gift. Also the kvt-911 sells for $1,799, so this is a profit of $782 for each 29 cycles.

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    I didn't know they were giving you a booklet for paying. Well they're trying to get around a pyramid scheme issue. People have to complain before the FTC would take action against these scam jobs.

    Like most of the so-called multi-level marketing plans, virtually all are pyramid schemes(Amway, etc). They try and get around the law by selling you overpriced products, like a bar of soap for $8.00. People would pay these prices because they believe they'll become rich someday. Less than 1% of the people actually make any decent payback.

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