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Thread: Im stuck between a few Lilliput Displays..

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    Quote Originally Posted by slownumb View Post
    been stalking this site for awhile and have not yet decided which monitor to pick. do you know why the mini touch 700 is 100 bucks more expensive than the lilliput version? he states that it has TRUE 800x480 resolution. Are people still getting trouble setting this resolution on 669? had some more questions but can`t remember now! haha
    If you are refering to the minitouch 700 I have on my site for 449.99, it is Trasflective, Capacitive Multi-Touch, and custom fitted to a Bybyte DIN frame. The minitouch 700 does support 800x480 input resolution, but if your PC does not, then you won't notice it anyway.

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    If someone can post some pics of there 669 450 nit that would be great guys.

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