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Thread: Hdmi out to VGA lilliput eby701

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    Hdmi out to VGA lilliput eby701

    I want to send video from the HDMI iPhone adapter to my eby701 which only has VGA. I know I could send it to composite but I don't really want to. Not only because it will probably look crappy but mainly because I found this sweet iPhone dock the will charge as well as send audio from stereo out jack and video out through HDMI. Plus it has a remote as well as a button to turn off the charging when the phone is full. Thanks in advance!

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    Google for HDMI to VGA Adapter.

    They are plentiful and inexpensive.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    u realize that if u convert HDMI to VGA you wont have audio anymore.

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    A bit of warning - not all computers support VGA over HDMI. My nettop supported DVI-A, which is a VGA signal over DVI port, so DVI->VGA worked. Since HDMI is really just DVI + sound, I was sure that HDMI->VGA would work as well, but it didn't. I bought the cable from monoprice and was pretty confident it wasn't a cable problem. I think some computers don't use the analog pins on HDMI. Similarly, it's not guaranteed that an IPhone's dock would support analog pinout of HDMI, but you can always try since those cables are pretty cheap.

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    VGA is not a digital signal, the only way to properly convert it is to use an active converter which is a waste of time and money. Just find something else to transfer your music and video from the ipod. Any cheap HDMI->VGA converter is not a real converter.

    Some computers dont use analogue pins on hdmi?? what are you talking about nivanov? Theyre two completely different signals which cannot be converted by simply rearranging pins. One is analogue, one is digital. HDMI to DVI is fine as they are both digital signals.

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