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Thread: Sub 7" (eg. 5.7 to 6.5") LCD touchsc. monitor solution for embedded

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    Sub 7" (eg. 5.7 to 6.5") LCD touchsc. monitor solution for embedded

    Hi to all,
    We were doing a project using a mini-itx board and a lilliput 7" touchscreen usb powered some months ago and all was done ok. The monitor was conected to the mobo internally through the 2x usb ports.

    Now we have the mandatory rule of reducing the overall size of the project device, so we switch to a 3.5" ECX form factor motherboard, and as for following the rule, we need a touchable monitor no more than 155mm width x 120mm heigh, so we need some kind like a 6.5" monitor.

    Problem is that i don't understand about LCD panels (as for sub 7" solution) that seems that there're no 1 in all solution for the purpose (just simply connect the monitor to the pc mobo Internally!). For 6.5 lcds i find a lot but none is as simpe to connect like the lillis usb powered, so i'm comfused.. cause for that sizes (5.7 to 6.5) i read there are lcd panels, mobo, inverters, sspecial cables, special powering, and so on..

    I not find any monitor like the open frame or non-open frame (we can dismount the beizel) from lillliputs, xenarcs, and so on ON less than 7inch.

    We need the following as for a monitor
    • 5.7 to 6.5"
    • 450cd/m or more (400:1 or more)
    • VGA native or more (expandable resolution)
    • Touchscreen (4 wire is ok)
    • As compact as possible
    • Video, powe r and touch data connected internally to a pc-mobo

    This is for an embedded small form device.

    The monitor will be conected to the mobo using any of its INTERNAL conectors.
    That mobo have internally: 2 x USB and a LVDS 30 pin conector.

    Any ideas ?????

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    This seller has some very customizable LCD options.

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