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Thread: Advice needed please. Touchscreen ribbon port broke, need new monitor.

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    Advice needed please. Touchscreen ribbon port broke, need new monitor.

    hey everyone, as the title reads, the ribbon port on the back of my lilliput 669 finally gave out after 3 years. it kills me to have to replace it but here we are. I can really use some help in what to pick though. I would love to get a capacitive 7in screen without breaking $300 and the lower the better. The screen has always been the weakest part of my setup and has led to so many problems. if not how about the mimo 720f screen? i had the lilliput screen opened to sit flush with the bezel of my screen. as pictured below. THANKS IN ADVANCE!!!


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    There's a thread about a $100 touchscreen being offered by derrick.ny. It looks pretty good. That's what I would probably buy if I needed to replace my touchscreen.

    "Transflective" LCD panel with res touch+controler for $101+$36 S+H

    Start from the back of the thread and work your way forward.
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    This display is capacitive, uses the same high bright LCD found in the 669, and will cost 260.00 landed (within the US).

    It will fit exactly inside your 669 front bezel, so no modifications to your existing setup required. No HDMI though, if you need that then you need t look at the capacitive 669 for a bit more.


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