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Thread: Mini Touch 700 Touch Screen Function STILL comes and goes....

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    Question Mini Touch 700 Touch Screen Function STILL comes and goes....

    Due to a postal strike here in Canada, it took a while to get a replacement touch controller from Mo-Co-So. I got it instlled and wadda' you know... Same darn thing! Touch screen function flakey at best. gust comes and goes. When in fails, the curser goes all the way to either the top left or bottom left of the screen. Then it'll work for a bit. So here's a few questions... Could it be a driver issue and if so, should I update the driver? What driver can be used? I've asked these questions to Chris at Mo-Co-So but so far no reply. Or is it just a question that that's how these monitors are or rather you get what you pay for. Are Xenarcs that much better?

    Input needed please.

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    I've had the same issues for a while. Bought it around March/April and got around to finally installed and epoxied it into my car last month. I have the same touch screen problem, were you ever able to fix it?

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