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Thread: Liliput strange reverse switch bug. With no inputs connected.

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    i really don't understand why i am the only one replying-- there are tons of people with noise problems, and probably many older members that have seen it more...

    do you have a link/pic of the vga cables?

    i really don't know what else to recommend.. i wonder if you use a 12v regulator off the 19v output of the power supply to power the screen.. though i really don't know if that will help at all

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    Hey the vga is just a standard vga with ferrite beads on the ends. I assume its insulated. I bought it on ebay though from china. used to work great on my plasma tv. But get this, I bought a $58 dollar 10 foot monster cable vga from bestbuy. And it works perfect! looks like I had a poor quality cable. So I will most likely return this cause 60 bucks for a cable is nuts. I will buy the same one online for less. Last problem is the car charger for the laptop induces a small amount of noise. I've tried it directly off the battery and no change. So I will do some reading maybe add a capacitor on the end to clean it up. I will report back. Getting closer and closer. Glad I didn't give up!

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