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Thread: Hibernation issue, BSOD, related to the LCD?

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    Hibernation issue, BSOD, related to the LCD?

    I've got a head scratcher going on right now, and I'm all out of ideas. Last Friday my carpc was working perfectly. I got home, installed my Ram tough hub, swapped out my temporary 8GA ground cable from my distro block to the chassis ground with a 4GA wire, and fired up the car, only to see this nasty message:

    "Your system's firmware did not preserve the system memory map across the hibernation transition. If you proceed with resume, your system could behave in an unexpected manner after resume completes. It is recommended that you save all your data and reboot after system resume finishes. Kindly check for a firmware update with your system vender as it may fix this problem."

    So, I spent the weekend and most of today troubleshooting. I've reinstalled Windows 7, reseated the memory, hard drive cables, Opus p/s cables, disconnected all USB devices, and still I get this error upon resume from hibernation. I've also gotten a few nasty BSODs when doing a cold boot.

    Now, here's where it gets weirder. I brought my pc in and put it on the 12V test bench, and I can't duplicate the error. I can take my 5 wire 669GL and put it in the car, and I can't get it to crash. So, I brought the 4 wire inside (dash and all), thinking it was the culprit, but again on the 12V bench everything worked perfectly. I reinstalled the dash and bam, the same error right off the bat.

    The only thing I haven't tested thoroughly is the monitor cable that goes from the trunk to the dash, but since the 5 wire worked I doubt it's the cause.

    Tomorrow I'm stopping by Autozone to get my battery and charging system tested. The battery holds at 12.7V when off and right around 14V when running, but I don't have the ability to do a proper load test, so there could be an amperage issue that I'm not seeing.

    Any ideas as to what could be causing it?
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    I think you’re on the right track; I chased a similar problem early on, turned out to be a bad aux battery that would suddenly go low in output.

    Edit: Reread your post and you obviously have a meter.

    Only thing I would look at as a last resort is the 4GA cable, try the 8GA again in case it’s some silly grounding effect.
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