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Thread: Bigger screens?

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    Bigger screens?

    To find a bigger screen for my install, do I have to buy a tablet or something? I have tried in vain to find a touch screen in the range of 12-14" that will work for a car pc. ANYONE have a source or know where to look for a bigger screen? I've Googled every combo of words I can think of with no real luck.

    Anyone know of standard sizes for touch screens above 10"? I would prefer a widescreen with true 720p or better.

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    zql8tr, try these, ------>

    And ------>

    Also, for the elo lcds, some are 12v, look @ the spec sheets ............

    Hope this helps.

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    Also try, for 12", 12" (1500nit) and 10.4" (there's also a 15" with infrared touch frame).

    However, I'm using a 12.1" from a tablet, Lenovo X220t. Very cool under sunlight conditions, and multi-touch.

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    yeah man, now a days it can be cheaper to get a whole tablet with a good usable outdoor screen than it can be to just buy a specialty screen in the first place... the bonus is it includes the whole rest of the carpc too something to think about at least...

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