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Thread: Found two LCD panels, $1000+ each. Specs worth the price tag? Looking for advice

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    tft_lcd: I need a wide screen monitor around 10" that has resolution high enough for me to watch blu-ray movies on. Would like a few inputs like HDMI, DVI, and SVGA so I can hook up the pc and an xbox if possible. Don't need it to be 1000 nids, so around 450-500 would be perfect.

    Can you do that?

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    I took this pic yesterday @ 4pm pst as I was leaving work. My truck was facing east and the sun was setting in the west. The light was shining directly on the monitor through my back window. I had no problems clearly reading the words on the screen.

    Like I mentioned before, I made no changes to display settings. I just installed it and powered it up.

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