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Thread: LCD/DVD for a rover 45 2006

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    LCD/DVD for a rover 45 2006

    Hi All,

    First post, so bear with me

    I have a Rover 45 2006 (last one) and I am looking to get a dvd player head unit!

    Can anyone tell me if my car is a standard double DIN or is it a generic size?

    I was looking to get one of these Amazon product : B001QXDSS6

    Also, if anyone knows if there is a better option on the head unit which is cheaper?

    Any help appreciated.
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    Welcome to the community but you cross posted twice in two forums. I deleted one thread and removed your link to amazon. Please do a google search and read for basic questions like this. something like a search for : Rover 45 2006 double din - should do the trick. The link and your lack of basic research makes your intro post look like a spammer cashing in on affiliate links.

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