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Thread: Thin LCD VGA

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    Cool Thin LCD VGA


    For an robot application I am working on, I would like to use a 7 or 8" LCD VGA screen that could fit through an opening .4 inches tall and 8.5 inches wide.

    I've seen some 7" LCD VGA screens (touchscreen, too) minus the trim pieces/frame that are 6mm thick...which would work...but then they show photos with all the electronics taped to the back, which I would assume makes them thicker. I don't know how much cable is there to allow the electronics to be a few inches away from the panel.

    I've been an avid lurker here for years with the Car PC and all things 12 volt for that matter.

    Thanks for your suggestions in advance


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    Are you trying to make the display retractable? (fyi, that is my display)

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    I would like to, yes.

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