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Thread: double din screens and a dvd rom

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    double din screens and a dvd rom

    I was gonna fiberglass my self a dvd rom into the bottom fo my dash, but ive descovered a couple single DINN caged dispalys, ive found xenarc, which this site has listed for a decent price but its spring loaded...and prown to break down. i need something with quality, as well as a dvd rom, idk if they make them so they have kits for cars but if they do that'd be great, maybe something thats ran in conjunction with a display? this seems like a damn good idea if nobodys thought of it yet, because most cars are double dinn and most people don't wanna mod their car to put a computer in.

    thus far, ive found this motorized unit -

    but its a little skechy, the motor seems junky from this video i found.

    i found another video here, showing the unit with a little more promise, perhaps the one in the video above was defective.

    ive seen somebody use this unit as a screen once, but ive yet t figuire out how.
    this would be an all in one solution to my particular delema. but I'd have to figuire out how to back hack it and interface it?

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    1 - Power Akoustic is not known for "quality" products. As a general rule, you get what you pay for.

    2 - There is no VGA input. That means you'd have to downconvert you PC's video to composite, which will lower the image quality.

    3 - You won't have touchscreen control of the PC. If you can somehow reverse-engineer the touchscreen to work w/ the PC, you'll lose control of the unit itself.
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    Sorry I wasn't her clear. Its a pure touchsceeen I'm processing all of my music from my computer. I'm just interested in what's out their far as slip screen toucbscreens

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