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Thread: Single DIN motorized touch screen with hdmi input, good quality and looks over prize.

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    Question Single DIN motorized touch screen with hdmi input, good quality and looks over prize.

    As the title says i'm currently trying to find myself a touch screen that fit's in a single DIN slot, it needs to accept hdmi input and have a minimum resolution of 800x450 (preferably higher). Besides this it also needs to have good build quality without rattling and cheap feel to it, the price is less of a concern but to make it easy lets say 12-1500usd at most. If the unit has one or two usb inputs on the front panel when the display is up & out it wouldn't be a bad thing, card reader could also work but these should preferably not be visible when monitor is closed.

    Does such a thing exist or would one haft to have it hand crafted? Any tips on a monitor like this would be greatly appreciated.

    PS. pardon my less then stellar english but i'm from sweden.

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    What you seek doesn't exist.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    I am trying to build one myself. The issue here is what would read your USB and CardReader?

    I meanwhile am hunting for flipout single dine screens and integrating my own hdmi touch screen. So to put it short, you have to craft it yourself at this moment.

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