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Thread: lilliput eby701/Acer zg5 problem

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    lilliput eby701/Acer zg5 problem

    Hey guys, first off i wanted to say hello! Ive checking out all the info on this site for quite some time and finally posted up. Im having a problem with my setup somewhere. Im using a acer zg5 with windows xp and a lilliput eby701 as the display. Everything works perfectly but for some reason after a few minutes, i lose signal on the liliput. The computer will still be running (music will be playing etc) just no display. The funny thing is when i shut the computer down, the screen turns back on to show the shutdown process. Thinking its maybe more an issue with the setting on the computer then the screen but i checked the computer settings and they seem fine. Any ideas?

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    do you have another screen you can test with? it kind of sounds like a screen issue..

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