I am currently redoing the work bench in my garage. I want to put a computer in the garage, with a ~26in monitor. My idea is to put the computer in the cabinets above the bench and mount the monitor in the pegboard. I have some questions about how to mount the monitor: Should I just buy a regular monitor and strip it, or buy an open frame monitor? Can I buy an open frame monitor that size, where, I cant find them that big with good res. (1080p)? What would be the best way to protect the screen? The pegboard will be set 5/8in from the wall, plus 1/4in for the thickness of the pegboard, brings it to 7/8in. The monitor needs to be flush or recessed in the pegboard, so the inputs need to be on the sides to fit in. Can somebody help me find a cheap , under $300, monitor that will work for this application?