Have bit of a problem with the lilliput I got, I wanted to use it for a miniputer install in my car. I took the screen and mobo out of the casing and used doublesided tape on the front to mount it to my cubby. I've since tried to get it working with a few different version of Windows and even a PC running Ubuntu but the mouse behaves very erratic.

Windows 7 64bit: Mouse jumps all over the screen and open random windows and drags and drops boxes.
Windows 7 32bit: Same as above
Windows XP: Not working at all *guessing drivers here
Windows 7 32bit: Same as above (mouse jumps) but can kind off get the mouse cursor moving
Ubuntu: Mouse is there but not calibrated, didn't want to waste time but the mouse pointer moves allthough not where I press in the screen.

I'm wondering if I knackered the display when I took it apart and where should I start looking? I've tried to take off the doublesided tape in case that's causing some sort of 'short' on the LCD screen.

I've tried looking on here but have not been able to find something similar (only that the screen is actually knackered)

Cheers for any input.