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Thread: Lilliput 869 Touchscreen issue

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    Lilliput 869 Touchscreen issue

    Not sure what happened but I fried my board to the point it would not power on at all so I ordered a new one from lilliput. I received the new board and installed it and my screen lit up fine but I cannot get the touchscreen to work. I've tried reinstalling the drivers but still nothing. All my wires are perfect but I still can't get it working. When I connect the USB portion of the VGA cable I get nothing from my pc (no new hardware found message) or anything. I've tried on two diffent computers and get the same results. Could I have damaged the actual touchscreen overlay ?

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    You could have a dead touch panel, but that does not matter as far as your PC recognizing the touchscreen.

    The USB "found new hardware" message will appear when the touch controller is first active on your PC, regardless if the TP is connected to the Lilliput board or not.

    I would check all of your cables, and reinstall the drivers without the USB of the monitor connected to the PC.

    Then connect the USB (try a different USB port if possible) and see if you get the "found new hardware" message.

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