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Thread: Water proofing / water resisting a monitor

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    Water proofing / water resisting a monitor

    I have a new Lilliput touch screen monitor and I want to put a small 1/16" bead of sealant around the edge where the bezel/case meets the screen. Will this action have any detrimental effect on the ability of the touchscreen? Never mind the chemical action of the sealant on the material surface, I'm only asking about any effect on touch characteristics.

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    Probably not a good idea. Silicone or other solvent based sealers (even latex) will attack the ITO layer.

    I know you said never mind that, but it is important to note (even just for others reading).

    If the sealant is flexible enough you may be in luck. But I wouldn't doubt that you will encounter some sort of ghost touch or cursor chatter.

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    Thanks tft. That is kinda what I figured for rtv. I am looking at the msds for some polysulfide sealant with dimethylacetamide, calcium dichromate, triton X100,and carbon black. Aka aircraft sealant. I am probably playing Russian roulette with a new monitor if I use it.


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