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Thread: OEM Screen For Car PC?

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    OEM Screen For Car PC?

    Hello, Been lurking on the forum for a while and thought I would finally sign up!

    I've got myself a bargain of a screen, It's a headrest monitor from a 2012 jaguar XJ, Including all the fascia for it, For the grand total of 2.61

    Now comes the hard part, Since the car is so new I cant find any wiring diagrams or even any information on the screen at all!

    I've stripped it down To The Screen and the board.

    2 Connectors on the board to connect to the car (Grey 12 pin and a blue 2 pin)

    Board is made by Visteon, And The Screen Is "TPO Displays Corp"

    Would Anyone Be Able To Help With The Wiring Diagrams Or Even A Pinout For The Connectors??

    Images Of Screen And Board:

    Name:  dscf0008af.jpg
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    Name:  dscf0007jp.jpg
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    Name:  dscf0006t.jpg
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    If you're REALLY lucky, they use VGA or something similar... however I wouldn't count on it. Your best bet may be to try and find a controller for that LCD (They range from $100-$300, depending on the model). Otherwise, perhaps try to map out where the pins from the connectors go on the board, look up the spec sheets for the chips they go to, and try to piece it together from there.
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    contact a jaguar dealership and see if you can go in and get a printout of the info they have for those connectors

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