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Thread: come across some lvds 7 inch touch screens but out of my league making them work

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    come across some lvds 7 inch touch screens but out of my league making them work

    I got my hands on some computers that were used in trucks for dispatching
    the display is 7" touch and the motherboard is a via epia nx
    I have three displays two cases and three or four motherboards
    the psu systems will need to be replaced along with the operating software
    I am over my head getting them to work with new power supplies and or using through lvds panels on a different set up.
    if anyone knows how and is willing to build me a system in return for the extra parts we might be able to work something out

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    these are some more pics.
    here is what I have figured out so far
    the Power supply has some type.of watchdog system that shuts the computer off if it does not receive a signal from the ocs ( the comms device that peoplenet uses.) this is why a different power supply will need to be used. it has the standard itx power cable but also supplies power to the display. this is were things get over my head because i found the manual for the epia nx and it says that the board has a power supply for the panel so i am assuming that it is not being used. it also has three video output options vga lvds and s video. but again no cables other than the lvds.
    I have had them working but never could get them to stay on more than ten min because of.the power supply

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    Quote Originally Posted by HiJackZX1 View Post
    This system was supposed to be a quick, cheap throw together that has now exploded into a budget blowing mess.

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