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Thread: The best 7 inch touchscreen Display for your car?

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    The best 7 inch touchscreen Display for your car?

    i am looking for the best working 7 inch touchscreen for my car and carpc.

    but i cant vind the best or do not know whits is te best.

    can some please tell me en tell me way it is the best?

    i want it in 2 Din and i already have radio.

    Kind regards René

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    If you search through the MP3car store you will see there are many with varying prices. If price is not of a concern then Lilliput 669 is great. I've been using the 629 and love it so far 2 years into it. You can also find some good deals on ebay as well to get the best deals.

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    Thank you! and is there a bracked for the 669 for 2 din?
    and houw is the view with sunlight? do you know?

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