The monitor turns on fine and auto switches to reverse fine. When the computer comes on I get to see the bios boot screen. Then between the Windows 7 loading screen and the desktop the computer shuts off display (I assume as the video driver is loaded) the Lilliput detects no signal then turns off.
What I would like to do is to extend the time by even 1 - 2 seconds, or some other work around.

I have noticed, which I believe to be a temperature problem, the OSD garbles from time to time. When the input source displays on screen I get artifacts down the right hand side of the screen. The screen display is fine and the artifacts go away when the input label goes. I am not incredibly fussed about this but if there is a solution, perhaps I should return the unit while it's still in warranty?

There is no auto dimming feature, as far as I know. I was hoping there might be some simple circuit that I could attach to my radio harness illum wire? So when I turn on the headlights the screen dims. I'd be willing to look into auto dimming as well using a light detector but thought this may lead to it dimming in tunnels or some such.

Thanks for your time.