Hi all,

I have sent an email to Armen any way but I thought I would shout up here as well. The problem is I have bought my self a bracket for the screen in the car ... http://www.dashmount.co.uk/nav%20brackets.htm

I don't want to make any holes which I why I don't realy want to change it. The problem is that the screen mount bracket which come with the screen as standard... http://www.digitalww.com/images/Stand.jpg

I have not used the flat base thing because of the obvious reasons but it now sticks out that far it in the back seat.... Bit of an exageration there how ever it does stick out way to far.

My question does any one know of a lower profile mouniting bracket to make this as close to the dash as possible ie..... http://www.dashmount.co.uk/Nav/74017/Image57.jpg

Idealy I still want it removable how ever I am open to suggestions.....