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Thread: Double Din Lilliput - Popping out from under the screws..

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    Double Din Lilliput - Popping out from under the screws..

    I'm having an issue with my Double Din Lilliput.. I've had it pop out twice simply when using / pushing on the touchscreen.. It comes out from under the screws.. The screws are so tiny and they don't hold much plastic down to keep it nice and secure..

    Anyone have an issue like this before?

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    I had a similar problem with a monitor inside ByByte's Black Box enclosure. I ended up pressing down each corner of the H bracket and filling the gap with hot glue and letting it cool down before letting go. Worked ok for me.
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    I wish someone would come out with a nice metal frame and mount for the PCB. These plastic things are so cheap and cheesy for use in the car.

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    I had the same issue. I took 4 washers and cut the edge off of them so they looked more like a "c". Depending on how you mount the frame to your dash, you might get away with washers. mine would hit the dash frame so I had to cut the relief.

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