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Thread: Headrest w/screens

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    Headrest w/screens

    Hey guys,

    I have a scion 2006 XB... to make a long story short I bought the car used and it came with screens in the headrest. XOvison or something.. Anyhow My car got broken into and they were stolen. This actually happen about 2 years ago. It was just brought to my attention how dangerous it is to ride around with no headrest. SO i would like to replace them.

    Can anyone recommend some cheap headrest that have monitors in them? I also have been taking a look at the USB monitors, I do have a carputer with spare ports, I'm not sure if I can mirror 2 additional screens with the hardware I have.

    Thanks in advance

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    SNO, Thanks for the website, Ive been poking around it and saw the inovvtek pc they make.. Does anyone know if its any good? Hardware sounds decent.. was cotimplating of getting a barebone putting a SSD in and installing win7..

    Thank for the website.

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