Hey guys, new to the forums. I am running a mini ITX intel computer in my trunk witha Pico PSU that is triggerd by a switch in my dash. Computer runs great and my Engine management system works very well though windows 7. I am having a screen flicker issue with my display.

It is a Double sight dsu9 mountend in my dash. It uses two usb ports to power and recieve signal. It started scrambling when i drive so i figured running USB from the trunk was lossing power and causing the issue so i wired up a seperatly powered USB hub in the front of the car as a fix. It fixed the intermittent scrambling problem but now when i hit really heavy bumps or am in boost the screen goes black then comes back a few seconds later. Connectivity issue? Is this due to the 10 foot lengths of USB required to reach my trunk or is this a screen issue?

Also been toying around with the idea of using one of these windows 7 tablets and mounting that in my dash instead would this be an easier fix. Will these windows 7 tablets function like a legitamte computer in the sense that im conecting a standalone engine management system to it for all my gauge functions.

picture of my setup.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks