Im building a mini itx computer for my 2010 transit connect and the only size screen I can find in addition to the dash kit fitting is a 7" monitor.

I want the monitor to be flush against the dash so I'm thinking I will have to modify the dash to fit a 10" or 12" monitor?

Has anyone seen a transit connect with such a monitor? I searched the project thread and couldn't find anything.

This is the case I will be using: Name:  553292_10151060218021388_1997607638_n.jpg
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Size:  29.4 KBName:  2009-Ford-Transit-Connect-Family-One-Concept-Family-Works-computer-with-RFID-technology-1280x960.jpg
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Note that is not my actual computer. The second image is not real, I just wanted to show the kind of look I want for the dash.

From reading it also seems hdmi touch screen monitors are not best? They were older posts but either way hdmi is preferable.

If anyone has recommendations as to 10"-12" touchscreen hdmi monitors I would appreciate it.

Thank You!