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Thread: Please help with Xenarc MDT-X7000 harness diagram

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    Please help with Xenarc MDT-X7000 harness diagram

    Hi all,

    I bought a used Xenarc MDT-x7000 but it has been shipped to me without the power and PC harnesses and the seller has troubles finding them. All other cables permanently attached to the unit are there.
    I contacted Xenarc support but they have no available parts and no wiring/pinout diagrams available.

    If anyone could help with a pinout diagram for these cables or eventual compatible connectors or harnesses commercially available it would be much appreciated.
    I am also willing to buy the cables or a defective unit with cables if someone has one available.
    Attached is the only diagram that I have from the manual - I need the diagrams for cables with pins 4-10 (PC harness) and 17-28 (power harness)
    Name:  MDT-X7000-071007-P36-2.jpg
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    I justName:  PCharness.PNG
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Size:  142.2 KB received a diagram of the PC harness from Xenarc. It is not very clear because it does not have the colors for the P9 wires but I guess it will be a good start. I'm still looking for the Power harness diagram..

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