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Thread: where to buy multi touch panels?

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    where to buy multi touch panels?

    hey guys. i am building my new monitor, which will be a 15.6" 16:9 portrait aligned monitor i figured out , that a desktop monitor moded to fit the car, is much better, than anything ready , or custom (laptop/netbook ) for a car. the thnik is, i need to find a touch panel... 5 wire resistive is easy to find, but it seems ahrd to find a multi touch panel. any ideas where to search ?

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    A 15.6" capacitive multi touch panel will cost about 300.00 plus shipping.

    This would be 10+ points touch, USB with Windows 7, 8 and Linux compatibility.

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    Hello, I'm sory for hijacking the thread. I also trying to find a multi touch panel for a 8.4"/16:9 screen, but I only found panels for 8"/4:3 screens. Can somebody tell me where I can find one?

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