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Thread: Lilliput Calibration Issue

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    Lilliput Calibration Issue

    Well I've done a 4point, 9point and 25 point. With the same results. Anyone know a reason behind this?
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    If you have disassembled & reassembled your Lilliput, the case screws may be a wee bit too tight, putting pressure on the touchscreen overlay in one or more corners.

    If not, you may have a defective touchscreen overlay. Is it under warranty?
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    Quote Originally Posted by nFiniteTuning View Post

    Well I've done a 4point, 9point and 25 point. With the same results. Anyone know a reason behind this?
    I have the same issue with a lilliput 629. The first time I plugged it in the windows display moved to the right and up. I can move it back to correct position but then the touch screen offsets from where I'm actually touching like in your vid (only I see the writting above and to the right). Even more strange when I connected it to my car pc, which has a working screen, it did the same thing but annoyingly when I plugged my working screen back it in it had the same problem. I'm assuming there is some settings being saved on the PC and have been trying to find them for ages but no luck otheriwse how else could the first screen effect the second in this way? I've tried recalibrating but with no joy.

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