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Thread: MMI2G audi to Lilliput

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    MMI2G audi to Lilliput

    Make install in the car audi a6 \ c6 (2007) carpc with the installation of a new acoustic, screen mmi I replace it with the input vga, all enjoy, control mmi also connected to the computer. But there was one problem I have, as I print the image with a new unit mmi screen via RCA or any other input. How can I display an image on a new screen? I would be very grateful for any help.

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    There should be a setting in control panel/display settings to add second monitor as extended or mirrored display. Hope this helps you out SNO

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    No you did not understand me. I need to display the image on the display unit MMI lilliput. I need to create a video out of the MMI RCA.

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