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Thread: Headrest screens - picture tearing / blacking out

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    Headrest screens - picture tearing / blacking out

    Hi Guys,

    Long time reader.... etcetc

    Getting round to my install and picked up two headrest screens on ebay 45 - Veba AV62MK. They were opened, but not used. When powered up the picture on one of the screens (one of the outputs on the AV splitter more like) tears and every 20-40 seconds the screens blink black and back on again. If I swap outputs on the splitter the tearing moves to the other screen so its something to do with the splitter box. I took the box apart and there are two pots. I have no idea what they are for but I adjusted them anyway. They can make the tearing and blinking worse but not fix it. Any ideas.

    Worse case I recon I could cut into the screen wiring and feed the screen compostire video directly, but would be nice to have it working.

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    You either have a dry joint on one of the components or one of the components is on it's way out.

    look for scorch marks or bulging capacitors.

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    No scorch marks, no swolen caps. Its dated 7 years ago, is it posisble the caps have dried up?

    Might try head gunning the whole board.

    Anyone think cutting the splitter out of the circuit and supplying the screens directly is a bad idea?

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