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Thread: 4:4 vs 16:9 screen res questions

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    4:4 vs 16:9 screen res questions

    Well I finally took the plunge and got myself an indash screen.

    Thing is that its looks like the new stock coming though is now labeled up TM702-L. The difference is quite a bit as the newer model uses the sharp panel and its no where near as good as the outgoing panasonic panel as its NOT got the same element count. The panny had a element count of 800xRGBx480, the sharp is only 420xRGBx234

    Anyway onto my questions.

    I have two screens in my car the 1st is a boot mounted Samsung 151T screen which is 4:3 ratio, other is the TM702-L 16:9 screen in the dash. The card driving them is a Radeon 9000

    1) Is there anyway of making the display resolutions independant i.e 800*480 on the TV-Out and 800*600 on the VGA out?

    2) When the CarPC boots up only the TV-out is enabled. Once Win2k is up to logging on the VGA output switches on. Connect either on their own and the each come on from boot up. Anyway of getting them to both switch on from boot up?

    Thanks for any help.

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    1) no problem, it's done all the time, just check the settings and it should be there.
    2) dont think so, it mainly checks if there is something connected to the tv-out, and then switches to it. in my home-pc setup i use dual vidcards, the pci starts first and when xp logons it switches to the agp, since i only got the agp enabled in xp, but "first graphic slot" is pci in the bios


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