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Thread: lilliput touchscreen with an intel system. Will an android install work with touch?

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    lilliput touchscreen with an intel system. Will an android install work with touch?

    I have searched and could not find my answer. I have built a pc intended for my truck. its an intel i5 on a itx board, 128gb ssd, 1tb storage drive. I have been looking at several of the lilliput touchscreens.
    Now I would like to install android on pc as the main OS to take advantage of the play store and all the apps along with all of googles features.

    My question is, if i install android on my x86 based system, will i get touch functionality?

    I have considered just installing a tablet in my tahoe, but i want the power and storage space a pc offers. i want to dump my movie and music collection onto the pc.

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    Welcome to the forum! Not sure how android will fare in a carpc any different than using an android tablet. I think the touch functions are limited somewhat if at all. then there is the hardware if you use hd radio or tpms you are gonna have problems with no apps to use the stuff. If your hungup on using android I think I would add a wireless router and get android tablet to get you the apps you seek, use the PC as it should be and enjoy all the benefits of a windows enviroment. I personally like to use a front end with nice big buttons to push to get what I want done. Just my thoughts SNO

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    i dont have hd radio or tpms. the thing i like about the windows environment is the power and storage i got. but windows based navigation just sucks. nothing i know of compares to google maps. ive seen very few topics on tethering google maps to a usb gps unit, but only certain units worked and at times even they did do well.

    Here is what i want to do with my vehicle. this may help out when replying with help. I want to dump my movie and music collection to the truck, read the truck using torque with an obd reader. i have the usb dongle and software for it to work with windows 7, navigation is an important one, the ability to hook up two headrest monitors and a flipdown, possibly call features, full audio system with subs.

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    Android-x86 4.4.4 is working perfect on my Dell Core 2 Duo laptop. So I plan to use it for my upcoming CarPC.
    But just realized all the talk about drivers is for Windows. Does anyone have issues using Android with a Lilliput 669 type monitor?

    I searched the 669GL faq thread but didn't find anything.

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