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Thread: Lilliput/Xenarc vs. NavRadio displays

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    Lilliput/Xenarc vs. NavRadio displays

    Hi fellas - I've lurked this forum for a while now, doing what research I can on assembling a decent in-dash carputer. One of the things that I've struggled with most is selecting a monitor. I'm interested in using a Lilliput EBY701, mainly because it seems to be a relatively popular and affordable choice with a lot of support. My concern with this stems from having read a lot of reviews where people complain about sunlight readability. I know there are sunlight readable versions with the transflective treatment, but I've read that they aren't a significant improvement over the traditional screen, particularly so considering it costs thrice as much. This being said, can anyone comment on the readability of these monitors compared to commercial NavRadio products? I find it hard to believe that the screens used in Kenwoods, Alpines, JVCs or otherwise are any better than the basic Lilliputs/Xenarcs/etc. but I rarely read reviews complaining about their readability. Are people just more critical of these component monitors, or are they generally subpar to the brandname stuff?

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    I have a liliput that went ka-put recently (a touch screen that wont touch anymore). So I am currently researching which brands are considered reliable in Texas heat.

    I dont mind paying more for it if it will last.

    So what brands are up to par?

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