I just got my digitalww screen and found out that its not actually one din size. Its close but its a bit wider and might be even a bit taller. My face place that i have will have to be modified to allow for a big enough hole to get the screen threw it. I think its a little too narrow. I gotta get another one cause i ruined my original one trying different ways but i think i have the perfect "clean" install for it.

Oh well i guess if we were squemish of modding stuff we shouldnt be doing it. Just wanted to let other people know cause i have been reading this forum for over a month and kinda just assumed that it would be the standard one din size and never saw mention to make me think otherwise.

Also has anyone had any problems with the housing and the way it comes out on the tracks? It seems a little rickety to me but it seems to work. I could just see it breaking apart eventually. Especially the way it latches in there when its put away.

I plan on eventually getting a motorized screen if i start really using it alot. This screen is more to test it out with.

Outside of the above gripes Armen was a good guy to deal with and definitely helped me out quite a bit.