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Thread: Electrical interference on monitor, out of ideas, will pay $20 to my savior

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    Power the monitor from the power supply you use for the laptop. Find a filtered 12 volt lead on it.
    I had this very issue until I did that.

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    thanks for the responses everybody, i will try to address them in order.

    snotwistr: i will try a larger capacitor. that was also suggested to me by a friend. not sure about an inductor, i will have to look into how they work.

    eugenweij: i don't have the battery any more unfortunately

    settra: again, the charging and discharging solution wont work since i dont have a battery. i have already done the big 3 upgrade for my alternator and battery. i will try to run a dedicated ground wire from the trunk to the battery this weekend to see if that makes a difference

    byrd: the interference occurs even when my vga cable is disconnected completely, so i don't think it's coming from there

    heavymetals: same as above

    randy taylor: all devices are powered from the same P2140, so not sure what you meant here.

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    I had a similar problem with my M3-ATX.
    It didnt always happen, only when the PC had a certain load, but far from predictable. At first I had the monitor powered directly over the M3-ATX. I removed it from the M3-ATX, because right from the start I suspected the PSU to be the cause, since I knew it was causing interference with FM signals, but the noise was still there. So I bought a high quality and very thick VGA cable and the noise was noticeably less, but still very visible. Then I noticed that VGA cables also have a ground wire, which is of course connected to the PSU over the mainboard and even keeps the monitor powered once I remove the ground wire from the actual power source connection.

    Bought a DSATX and the screen was clean instantly.

    So maybe its your PSU. I would at least try a different one once.
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    Use HDMI if possible, a digital signal which is less likely to cause corruption?

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