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Thread: Sending signal to 480x234 panels

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    Sending signal to 480x234 panels

    Guys i need some serious help.
    Some months ago i got on my hands to 7" lcd players. The woman that gave them to me sayed they didn't worked . Anyway took them to an friend of mine who deals with electronics and ask him to diagnose. He wasn't very specified when i took them back and the only thing he told me was that probably somebody put the dc in the wrong plug and burned something. as he doesn't deal with micro electronics he wasn't able to diagnose something more.

    Anyway what's the situation . Those panel's could be usefull to me . I know the models but i don't know what is the signal that they should accept ( i am prtetty sure it is not lvds ). I also know for sure that the one panel is working --- i plug the tv from the player ( it works as it is external) and then i got some bad quality tv ---.

    On the toshiba one I openned the player to id the panel and i show there is a small board bellow the panel that has some wires coming from the main board and i think it is a display board. So if there are 3 cables for sound on the wires coming from the board how difficult is to find what kind of signal can i send through the rest of the cables to have image on the panel.

    I suspect that something like this is on the other panel too due to a full manual that i ve found on the net.

    So can anybody help me send image to this panels? if this it too difficult can you suspect what kind of signal do they get so i ll be able to find a driver board supporting these panels ?

    Thanks in advance guys


    Toshiba player

    toshiba's panel

    Funai player

    You can see from there the lcd panel type

    I found one driver board for the toshiba that costs 15 dollars. I dont know if it is for the other panel too but i would prefer to save them if there is/are another way.

    Be well guys

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    ok got some photo finally .

    so this is the board that the lcd is connected.

    it has a ribbon cable coming from the mainboard where i measured 20pins . i put the multimeter on and found that the 4 goes to the speakers .

    so 16 left that probably have to do with the video input . i ve read somewhere (i think in the toshiba's manual) something about a cvbs signal . So can you tell if there is any connection between this 16 ribbon cable and cvbs signal ?

    You guys think that i have to stop looking ? i asked some electronic guys here in greece some help but they keep telling that this ( sending signal to the boards or panels) cannot be done as the panels receives digital signal ?

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    Few steps at a time . Now beyond these 4 cables that i found on the ribbon cable that drives the monitor trough the board i found some more pins . some drives to the ic and some 3 ( until now ) to the ground.

    I think it is simple though i dont have any clue from electronic. Now i have to find that ic and it's pins...!

    i am thinking it is a cvbs driver board so getting directions from this site i think it will work using an old vga computer....!

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