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Thread: 12 volt displays

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    12 volt displays

    I am a low grade computer hobbyist. I am getting set to build up a couple of Mini-Itx set ups. For boat and auto use I am finding it very difficult to find displays that are small and will operate on 12 volts. I hought that there would be adapters out there for Laptop displays so you could run them with a standard SVGA output. I figured that I could just get a replacement screen from any number of sources and just plug it in. I figured wrong. Apparently every one is different and there is no common hardware for them.
    I think that there is a big enough market out there for somebody to pick a couple of screens and build adapters for them and make money.
    Meanwhile does anybody have a source for DC powered displays that would be usable with the VIA Mini-ITX boards??
    Hopefully they wouldnít cost 10 times the rest of the parts. I am interested in 10-15 inch displays. Thanks to this forum I have found lots of 7"

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    Aren't most "normal" LCDs 12V or there abouts?

    I'm looking at the power supply for my 17" LCDs and they are 120AC - 12VDC .

    Just the frst thought that came to mind, i'm no expert.

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    I'm in Wales and I have a 10.2" VGA touch monitor for sale. LCD Serial interface
    Lilliput 8", C134 EPIA-M 900 (Black), A1-ITX, 256 Mb RAM, 40 Gb HDD, DVD, 802.11g, mini keyboard

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    Slarty im interested can you give me the make and model of the screen........and controller card


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