I'm the new owner of a 2004 Corvette Z06. I would like to replace the factory stereo system with a touchscreen computer of some sort, and if I lost some weight from the super heavy factory deck that would be a plus as well. I plan on either using a small laptop connected to a touch screen, or just an Android tablet mounted in place of the existing head unit. I plan to mainly use the system for playing music, and for bluetooth phone connectivity for hands free communication, Waze, and maybe a webcam as a dash cam.

Anyway, the factory head unit is 1.5 DIN. I know that the bezel could be modified to a 2 DIN if have to, but I'd prefer not to because that's just added cost. I was just wondering if there is a PC touch screen or a tablet available that would fit in the 1.5 DIN space to minimize the modification of the bezel.

Here's a pic of the factory setup: